Avian Vets in Singapore 2022 (updated 20 Aug 2022)

Our beloved feathered friends are just like us human beings – occasionally they might encounter accidents or health issues that would require examination and treatment by a vet. When that happens, you may need one or both of two things:

  • A parrot first aid kit, which we have written all about in this comprehensive article
  • A qualified vet to help your bird

Below is a list of the most recent avian vets in Singapore, which consists of both vets that are qualified to treat birds, and vets that are certified to treat birds. In this case, qualified vets refer to those who are experienced in handling birds and are comfortable or effective in doing so.

Disclaimer: This is a listing, not an endorsement. If there are any errors in the information below, or if there are some avian vets that we have missed out, please let us know!

Avian Vet List – Singapore (last updated Aug 20, 2022)

Save or print the following image for an easy reference, or keep scrolling to find clickable links to Google Maps and phone numbers!

This list was compiled with the help of Joanne K and other community members.

Avian Vets – Who’s Open and When?

I’ve added this new list which shows the days that the vet clinics are open. Please still call up in advance in case an appointment is needed, to check the bird vet’s availability, or to see if the clinic has changed its opening hours.

Singapore bird vet list, sorted by opening schedule

North Singapore

AAVC – Animal & Avian Veterinary ClinicVet: Dr Kenneth (avian-certified)
716 Yishun Street 71, #01-254, S760716
Google Maps
Call: 6853 9397
Open: Mon-Sun
Consultation: $98
Allpets & AqualifeVet: Dr Felitsa (avian-certified)
24 Jalan Kululut, Seletar Hills Estate, S809041
Google Maps
Call: 6841 3700
Open: Mon-Sat (closed Sun)
Consultation $40 (<30 min); $60 (>30min)
X-ray facilities available
Jireh Veterinary ClinicVet: Dr Christopher (avian-certified)
Monville Mansion,#01-04, S329857
Google Maps
Call: 6266 9566
Open: Mon-Sat (closed Sun)
Consultation $50
X-ray facilities available
Mount Pleasant Vet CentreVet: Dr Gloria (avian-certified)
236 Yishun Ring Road, #01-1010, S760236
Google Maps
Call: 6451 5242
Open: Mon-Sun
Consultation $68
Nam Sang Vet Clinic (TCM)Vet: Dr Tai
Balestier Hill Shopping Centre, #01-697, S320002
Google Maps
Call: 6254 8138
Open: Mon-Sat (closed Sun)
Consultation $50
PerrovetsVet: Dr James Blanshard (avian-certified)
416 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, #01-973, S650416
Google Maps
Call: 6513 0683
Open: Mon-Sun
Consultation $42.80
X-ray facilities available

West Singapore

Beecroft Birds and Exotic VetVet: Dr Rina (avian-certified)
991E Alexandra Road, #01-27, S119973
Google Maps
Call: 6803 8344
Open: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat (closed Wed, Sun & Public holidays)
Consultation $150; Review $95
X-ray facilities available
The Animal ClinicDr Hsu (avian-certified) – Mon & Tue
Dr Lennie – Sat
109 Clementi Street 11, #01-17/19, S120109
Google Maps
Call: 6774 6626
Open: Mon-Sat (closed Sun)
Consultation $54
My Family VetVet: Dr Vanessa Lee
265 Bukit Batok East Ave 4, #01-403, S650265
Google Maps
Call: 6566 0448
Open: Mon, Wed-Sun (closed Tue)
Consultation $25 (basic); $30 (extended); $20 (review)
X-ray facilities available

East Singapore

Gaia Veterinary CentreVet: Dr Aman
5 Opal Crescent, S328400
Google Maps
Call: 6950 4533
Open: Mon-Sun
Consultation $34
X-ray facilities available
Advanced VetcareVet: Dr Zachary Lim
18 Jalan Pari Burong, S488684
Google Maps
Call: 6636 1788
Open: Mon-Sun
Consultation $42; $125.40 after 9pm
X-ray facilities available
TP Animal Clinic & WellnessVet: Dr Neo (avian-certified)
21 Tampines Avenue 1, 8A Temasek Poly, S529757
Google Maps
Call: 6780 6969
Open: Mon-Sun
Consultation $60
X-ray facilities available

When to Bring Your Bird to the Vet

Taking your bird to the vet is something that should be encouraged, regardless whether your bird looks ill or healthy. Some obvious reasons to take your bird to the vet would be as follows:

  • When your bird has an injury that you are not able to handle by yourself with simple first aid, such as a broken leg or wing, bleeding, infections, and so on
  • When your bird shows sudden changes in behavior, for example, a normally active bird suddenly appears tired and does not want to move around much, or stays at the bottom of the cage most of the time
  • When your bird is not eating much
  • When your bird’s weight has changed significantly all of a sudden
  • When your bird shows signs of breathing difficulty (clicking sounds when breathing, heavy breathing, tail bobbing when at rest
  • When your bird has had a seizure
  • When your bird shows skin infections or lesions
  • etc.

The above is a non-exhaustive list of reasons to take your bird to the vet. However, there are other reasons for taking your bird to the vet even if it does not exhibit any injury, health issues, or difficulties. These reasons are discussed briefly below.

Why Bring Your Bird to the Vet (even if it looks healthy)

Birds are masters at hiding illnesses

As mentioned in this article by Peter S. Sakas DVM, MS, illness in birds is not always easily identifiable. The reason is that it is their natural instinct to hide their illnesses, as ill birds in the wild can very easily fall prey to other animals. Bird owners often may not recognize signs of being ill until the condition has advanced to an almost fatal stage.

Taking your bird to the vet regularly can help you catch early signs of illness or even the presence of parasites such as feather mites, and appropriate treatment can be administered to prevent it from getting worse.

Understanding your bird’s medical history

Whenever we get a new bird, we may not know if it is genetically predisposed to certain diseases, especially with all the improper backyard breeding practiced in various parts of the world. Taking your bird to the vet regularly (once a year or so) helps establish a baseline of your bird’s health so that both you and your vet can be aware of issues once they start to creep up.

Trust and peace of mind

In the event of an emergency, I often see many owners unsure of the best vet to bring their birds to, to maximize the chances of treatment success. Having taken your bird a couple of times to a trusted vet before can provide owners peace of mind that the vet is someone skilled, trustworthy, and even compatible in terms of communication with the owner.

In some cases, establishing a regular encounter between your bird and its vet can help your bird feel more at ease during examinations, instead of being stressed while being handled by someone totally unfamiliar.

Final Notes

When keeping pet birds, always observe your birds carefully and monitor their behavior, weight, excrement appearance, and eating habits from day to day. Consider keeping a journal of the various observations so that you can look back on trends or share the information with your vet.

Birds usually only show obvious signs of illness when the illness is at an advanced stage, so having notes, records and a keen observational eye can help identify potential issues early and save your birds’ lives!

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