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Start here to learn all about the diversity of the parrots of the world! Articles related to species information and categorization are grouped here for easy reference.

General Information About Parrots

Get to know the difference between “parrots” and “parakeets”.

Parrots vs Parakeets

Parrots By Size

Size is pretty relative! As there generally isn’t any particular standard for parrot sizing, we took the liberty to categorize them according to our own perceptions, taking into account things like the sizes of their heads and beak (e.g. cockatiels have small heads but chunky bodies, but we consider them small parrots as opposed to a caique), weight ranges, and lengths from head to tail.

From the teeniest buff-faced pygmy parrot to small household birds like cockatiels.

(coming soon)

Chunky-sized birds ranging from caiques to Amazons, and some cockatoos.Medium parrots (coming soon)

The giants of the parrot world we’re talking about generally refers to large cockatoos and macaws.Large parrots (coming soon)

Parrots By Geographical Origin

Generally, parrots can be classified into Old World and New World parrots. The Old World generally refers to Asia, Africa and Europe, while the New World generally refers to the Americas and Australia.

Africa – Americas – Asia – Australia – Europe (coming soon)

Parrots By Color

Parrots are enchanting creatures partly thanks to the myriad colors they come in. In this section, we take a look at the various colors that can be found on parrots, be it in the wild or genetically-bred.


Parrots By Species

We list bird species (or groups of species) in alphabetical order by their scientific names. Click each one to learn about their general characteristics and care requirements:

Agapornis (lovebirds)

Forpus coelestis (Pacific parrotlets) 

Nymphicus hollandicus (cockatiels) 

Psittacula krameri (IRNs)

Parrots By CITES Status

The birds listed below are obtained on 27 July 2023 and may have been updated since then. For the latest list, refer to CITES Appendices.

Parrots under CITES Appendix I:

  • Cacatua goffiniana (Goffin’s cockatoo)
  • Cacatua haematuropygia (Red-vented cockatoo)
  • Cacatua moluccensis (Moluccan cockatoo)
  • Cacatua sulphurea (Lesser sulfur-crested cockatoo)
  • Probosciger aterrimus (Palm cockatoo)
  • Eos histrio (Red and blue lory)
  • Vini ultramarina (Ultramarine lorikeet)
  • Amazona arausiaca (Red-necked Amazon)
  • Amazona auropalliata (Yellow-naped Amazon)
  • Amazona barbadensis (Yellow-shouldered Amazon)
  • Amazona brasiliensis (Red-tailed Amazon)
  • Amazona finschi (Lilac-crowned Amazon)
  • Amazona guildingii (Saint Vincent Amazon)
  • Amazona imperialis (Imperial Amazon)
  • Amazona leucocephala (Cuban Amazon)
  • Amazona oratrix (Yellow-headed Amazon)
  • Amazona pretrei (Red-spectacled Amazon)
  • Amazona rhodocorytha (Red-browed Amazon)
  • Amazona tucumana (Alder Amazon)
  • Amazona versicolor (St Lucia Amazon)
  • Amazona vinacea (Vinaceous Amazon)
  • Amazona viridigenalis (Red-crowned Amazon)
  • Amazona vittata (Puerto Rican Amazon)
  • Anodorhynchus spp. (Large blue macaws such as the hyacinth and Lear’s macaws)
  • Ara ambiguus (Great green macaw)
  • Ara glaucogularis (Blue-throated macaw)
  • Ara macao (Scarlet macaw)
  • Ara militaris (Military macaw)
  • Ara rubrogenys (Red-fronted macaw)
  • Cyanopsitta spixii (Spix’s macaw)
  • Cyanoramphus cookii (Norfolk parakeet)
  • Cyanoramphus forbesi (Chatham parakeet)
  • Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae (Kākāriki)
  • Cyanoramphus saisseti (New Caledonian parakeet)
  • Cyclopsitta diophthalma coxeni (Coxen’s fig parrot)
  • Eunymphicus cornutus (Horned parakeet)
  • Guarouba guarouba (Golden conure)
  • Neophema chrysogaster (Orange-bellied parrot)
  • Ognorhynchus icterotis (Yellow-eared parrot)
  • Pezoporus flaviventris (Western ground parrot)
  • Pezoporus occidentalis (Night parrot)
  • Pezoporus wallicus (Ground parrot)
  • Pionopsitta pileata (Pileated parrot)
  • Primolius couloni (Blue-headed macaw)
  • Primolius maracana (Blue-winged macaw)
  • Psephotellus chrysopterygius (Golden-shouldered parrot)
  • Psephotellus dissimilis (Hooded parrot)
  • Psephotellus pulcherrimus (Paradise parrot)
  • Psittacula echo (Echo parakeet)
  • Psittacus erithacus (Congo African Grey)
  • Pyrrhura cruentata (Blue-throated parakeet)
  • Rhynchopsitta spp. (Thick-billed parrot and maroon-fronted parrot)
  • Strigops habroptila (Kākāpō)

Parrots under CITES Appendix II:

All parrots except those listed in Appendix I, as well as Agapornis roseicollis (peach-faced lovebird), Melopsittacus undulatus (budgerigar), Nymphicus hollandicus (cockatiel) and Psittacula krameri (indian ringneck parakeet), which are not included in the Appendices.