Parrot Behavior

Building Trust With Your Parrot

Knowing your parrot's body language is important to understand what it's trying to signal to you. Learn about some of the signs your parrot trusts you.

Dealing With Screaming And Biting

When faced with a fight or flight situation, parrots may bite, which is often a negative experience for us. Read on to find out how to deal with parrot bites.

Parrots And Talking

Why Parrots Talk And How To Teach Them

One of the reasons why parrots are fantastic companion birds is because some parrot species talk! Read on to find out how and why parrots talk.

Other Interesting Parrot Behavior

In your mind, you probably picture a parrot sitting on your shoulder. Find out why parrots love to do this and the pros and cons of allowing them to do it!

Toot, toot! What was that sound coming from your bird? Did it just fart? Do birds fart or burp? Read on to learn more!

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