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Beaky Bouquet - Preorder only (please read description!)

Beaky Bouquet - Preorder only (please read description!)

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Treat your parrot to the ultimate foraging experience with Beaky Bouquets! This all-natural product is made with a delicious blend of organic millet sprays, wheat stalks, organic sorghum, and oat sprays, creating a fun and nutritious snack that your feathered friend will love.

The combination of textures and flavors in Beaky Bouquets provides your feather companion with a fun and interactive way to forage for their food. Each bouquet contains a variety of different ingredients that your bird can pick and choose from, providing hours of fun mental stimulation and physical activity!

 Note: we now offer only one standard size at S$5.90.

* As this consists of natural material, the appearance of the actual item might differ slightly from pictures.

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Customer Reviews

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Kylie Ng
My parrot loves it!

My parrots love the bouquet and assorted beaky thins! I have a parrot who is very picky however, he enjoyed the beaky thins a lot! In addition, service is great! Would definitely purchase from parrot junkie again!

Beaky Bouquet

Ordered the small size for my pampered ones and they really love it... they would fight over trying to nibble on the bouquet...