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At Parrot Junkie, we are passionate parrot enthusiasts based in sunny Singapore, and we've set out on a mission to become the go-to destination for everything your beloved feathered friends need!

As parrot owners ourselves, we understand the struggle of finding high-quality and safe toys, treats, and essential products for our adorable companions. That's why we decided to create a haven where parrot owners like us can find artisanal bird-safe treats, enriching toys, cage accessories, health support kits, and so much more, all under one roof!

The Parrot Junkie Shop

Our goal is simple - to provide a delightful and enriching experience for both you and your parrots. With our carefully curated selection of products, you can rest assured that every item we offer is made from bird-safe natural materials and crafted with love and care. Your parrots' safety and happiness are our top priorities, and we take great pride in delivering products that meet the highest standards of quality.


Parrot Welfare

Not only are we dedicated to offering exceptional products, but we are also strong advocates for parrot welfare. As a proud supporter of Parrot Society (Singapore), we are committed to spreading awareness about proper parrot care and well-being.

With our donation program launched in August 2023, 50% of all sales of perches go directly to supporting the vital work done by Parrot Society (Singapore), helping parrots in need, and contributing to a cause close to our hearts.

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Parrot Care Resources

But Parrot Junkie is more than just a shop. We're a group of parrot enthusiasts, and we love to share our knowledge and experiences with you.

Explore our "Resources" section, where you'll find a treasure trove of useful information and articles about parrot care. Whether you're a seasoned bird keeper or just starting out on your parrot journey, we've got something special for everyone. We believe in well-researched content and strive to provide you with scientifically-backed information, insights from reputable sources such as vets and avian experts, and our very own personal anecdotes to make your learning experience as wholesome and enjoyable as possible.

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Embark on an exciting adventure with us and your feathered friends. Discover a world of safe, reliable, and delightful products that will bring joy and enrichment to your parrots' lives. We're here to be your trusted partner in providing the best for your beloved companions, and together, let's create a haven where parrots can thrive and be truly cherished!

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