Editorial Policy


Topics in Parrot Junkie are listed in the Resource section and includes behavior, anatomy, health, food, enrichment, species information, and care tips for parrots. We do not cater to other companion birds such as finches, canaries, songbirds and poultry, although sometimes reference might be made to those species for discussion.

Writers and Writing Style

Parrot Junkie’s articles are drafted by a team of writers. Wherever possible, we engage writers with experience in animals and birds as priority. In some cases, the writer may not have experience with birds, but are selected for their ability to research facts and write in a clear and logical manner.

We recognize that our readers are diverse, and have different reading and learning styles, and different levels of understanding of the English language. Therefore, we always try our best to write as simply and clearly as we can, and in less vague or ambiguous words. Even if our style does not fit everyone, we hope it fits most of our readers.

That being said, there are certain topics, especially regarding health, that involve technical terms – many of these cannot be replaced with layman terms and we will use the original terms in our writing. In such cases, we provide a simple explanation wherever possible.

Content is fact-checked by the Parrot Junkie team based on current information available at the time of writing. As fact-checking is an intensive process, and avian knowledge is continuously being updated, errors and inaccuracies might be present in our articles. Please contact us at contact@parrotjunkie.com to alert us to any mistakes we have made.

Information sources

Parrot Junkie obtains information for our articles from a variety of sources. Wherever possible, we verify our information from:

  • Scientific journals and research papers
  • Avian-specialized communities
  • Real experts with experience and credentials pertaining to avian care
  • Books and articles written by well-known avian experts and veterinarians
  • Highly experienced people who have knowledge in avian or related topics
  • Authoritative websites about birds

In cases where we are unable to find information specifically pertaining to parrots, we may source from generic information about birds as a whole, or extrapolate from general knowledge. When this happens we do not generalize or assume that the information is automatically applicable to parrots.

As learning is multi-faceted, we also aim to share personal anecdotes from other bird owners, including the parrot owners in the Parrot Junkie team!

Images and Videos

Images and videos are included in posts as much as possible to serve two purposes:

  1. To facilitate understanding of the topic at hand
  2. To be decorative but in a relevant way

Such media are obtained from a variety of sources, including but not limited to:

  1. Royalty-free stock images and videos (may be paid or free)
  2. Images and videos in public domain that are free for public use
  3. Images and videos from public profiles and social media accounts that have been explicitly permitted by the respective owners for use on Parrot Junkie’s website
  4. Images and videos taken by Parrot Junkie
  5. Images and videos generated and designed by Parrot Junkie using media editing software

We take copyright and licensing very seriously and credit media back to their creators wherever we can. If you find any of our media in breach of copyright, kindly contact us at contact@parrotjunkie.com and we will provide the correct citation, or take them down promptly.

Page last updated on Jul 25, 2023.